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Block Island's Landmark Hotel This 45 room historic Block Island hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is located in the heart of Old Harbor, Block Island. The National’s giant, wrap-around porch is world famous with breathtaking views overlooking the Block Island Sound, The Big Porch, is the best spot on Block Island to enjoy lunch, dinner, a light snack or an evening cocktail - there's even an outside bar.
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Block Island, located just over 10 miles off the southern coast of Rhode Island, has only one town — New Shoreham. While the main part of town is located right by the ferry terminal, you can rent bikes or Jeeps to travel all over the island. Though it only has about 1,000 year-round residents, Block Island welcomes up to 20,000 visitors a day during high season. Aside from one Ben & Jerry’s, the island is free of chain stores, meaning it is great for local shopping and dining. Where to stay: The National Hotel, located in the main part of town; The Old Town Inn, a building originally constructed in 1825. Where to eat: Winfield’s for an eclectic mix of cuisines; Finn’s Seafood for, naturally, seafood. What to do: The main part of town is pretty small, so after walking around for a bit, you’ll want to get out to explore the rest of the island. There are two great lighthouses — one on the north part of the island, the other on the southeast; hike along parts, or all, of the 25 miles worth of walking trails for great views of the ocean.
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